Bonnie Fields Art

Beauty is an essential tenet of the Baha’i teachings, to which I subscribe.  Practicing one’s art is equated with worship, and one is admonished to “look into all things with a searching eye.”

This collection features memorable people I have observed in my travels ; seascapes ; animals.  Especially, cats have always loomed large  in my consciousness and I relish capturing their many feline aspects in their manifold expressions (their “catitude”).                                                                                                                               

As well as continuations in ink drawings and watercolors, the near future will bring more studies in soft pastels and portraiture. 

- Bonnie

我小的时候,家里常收到一箱一箱的布料样品。我总是忍不住地翻看每一块布料。那些样品的图案和颜色深深的吸引着我。除此,我们家还经常收到拼凑 被子和钩针制品。有一天,我们收到一套中国的水墨画,从此开始了我水彩画的创作。







“Dost thou reckon thyself only a puny form, when within thee the universe is folded?”

Periodically while growing up,  boxes full of fabric swatches would arrive and I would rummage through the pieces, thrilled at the patterns and colors…patchwork quilts and crocheted goods were another constant in my home.  An ink set from China was the launching pad into watercolor.

Voyaging through our world, which while fundamentally unified is yet infinite in its diversity, gives one pause to marvel at the fleeting images which imprint, however momentarily, upon our hearts.  It is these precious glimpses that I attempt to capture in my work.